Boca Grande

Boca Grande, you beat Chipotle out of the last spot on my burrito list. Your first impression wasn’t a good one. What can I say, you rubbed me wrong. Partially my fault, because I thought that ranchero chicken meant spicy, but it’s actually just dark meat, but a good burrito isn’t about the meat. There was some rice, some beans, and, well, that’s pretty much it. That’s all I tasted, anyway. There just wasn’t any chemistry. Not even the cheese to smush it all together, no, that was too busy being melted together at the very bottom of the burrito. I’m not a fan of melted slices on the tortilla as it is, and this only reinforces my contempt.
You didn’t even give me the option of real veggies. Not even jalepenos? There was a pinch of lettuce and a pretty decent salsa that might’ve spiced things up if there was any more than two slices of diced, cilantro-topped tomatoes.  Perhaps guac would’ve helped, but $6.37 was enough of a dig into my burrito budget. I did ask for some (free) hot sauce, but considering I tasted nothing but a slippery combination of rice, beans, and dark meat chicken, I don’t think it did much. You let me down, Boca Grande. You wear your spanish name in shame. My boca grande was mucho decepcionado.


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