Dearest Olecito, how I’ve missed you on campus. I can’t believe we only met a couple of months ago. How come I’d never heard of your flour tortilla jam-packed with perfection and dozen sauce options. Your cabbage, your hot peppers. And you offer guac and sour cream for no extra charge. All for only $5.50 after tax exemption with the use of convenience points? What a steal! We only went on 6 dates before you left me. It was right at the beginning of summer. I had high hopes for us. I mean, I kind of sensed that something was wrong when you didn’t want to see me over commencement weekend. And you limited our hours from 11am-3pm that week. You hurt me, but I’ll never forget you. You showed me what love is. And I never even got to be a lunchador. Or mayor.


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