You know, Chipotle, I had my doubts about you. I could count on one hand how many times I’d given you a chance and I hadn’t been very fond of you the first three. I don’t know if it was something in the air, my mood, or the immense hunger that had penetrated my alcohol-flushed stomach, but today, you won my heart. Today, as I sunk my teeth into your rice, black bean, grilled veggie, cheese, hot and mild salsa, sour cream, lettuce-filled double wrap topped with my dose of chipotle tabasco, you lit up my world. Quite a treat after five and a half hours of history and math lectures. In that moment, something just felt right.
Maybe it was your perfectly tender steak. You still aren’t my favorite, but your steak certainly is. The way your shredded cheese melted into the white rice was close to utopic. The sour cream got lost somewhere in the mix, but I could taste the hint of flavor it added and it was just right. The mild salsa worked well, adding the flavor of fresh vegetables, which was enhanced by the grilled peppers and onions. Quiet a mouthful, double wrapped to perfection. The tender, flavorful blast in every bite made extra sauce almost unnecessary, espcially with the hot salsa. I added a hint of chipotle tabasco every three bites or so because I’m a saucy kinda girl, but it worked perfectly fine without it.
I’m glad I gave you another chance, Chipotle. I do still have two standing requests: jalepenos and (real) chipotle sauce. You have hot sauce, and that’s cool, but your name is Chipotle. Are you really going to let Subway, Boloco, and Moe’s chipotle sauces blow yours out of the water? Besides that, sorry I doubted you. You go, Chipotle.


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