Boston Kabob

There are only so many Mediterranean eateries in Allston, and while I usually go to Garlic N Lemons or Azama for my shawafel/falafel fix, I’ve been passing by another place on the way to the only place I can get a quick burrito around here, Habanero’s (we gotta work on that, Allston). My friend, Shauna, is as much of a falafel connoisseur as I am a burrito one, so we gave this place a shot.

The first time I devoured Boston Kabob’s falafel pita, it was but a mere drunk munchie. I downed a Steel Reserve 40, the strongest 40 known to man, before 4 o clock and as a ‘fuck you’ to America for not allowing me to legally participate in fun fourth of July festivities, I turned to Mediterranean food. Just kidding, that’s not why, I really like falafels. But seriously, fuck you, America. I am an adult.

So we get there and order our food. As I’m eating it, I’m thinking “finally, a falafel in a pita, I missed this” and “mmm falafel om nom nom.” More so the latter. Well, two days later, I returned for a more accurate taste.

I like the traditional fact that it’s in a pita. I haven’t tried Garlic N Lemons’ pita because I’m married to the shawafel, but it looks similar to the saj, so I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume Boston Kabob’s is better by default. Saj is great, but when I want pita, I want quality pita: thick and soft with a mild crisp to it. Azama has a falafel rollup vs. falafel plate. The plate comes with pita, but I’m not really a ‘make it yourself’ kinda girl. There’s a reason I eat out nearly every day… Anyway, Boston Kabob’s pita wins. It’s a good size, holds its ingredients together well, it’s warm and soft with a mild crisp.

Biting into the pita, you get a mouthful of falafel balls that resemble the texture of the best mashed potatoes you’ve ever had. Mended together with a flavor enhancing hummus and topped with creamy tahini sauce that works as your gravy. Like, if Mediterranean food had a comfort/soul-food equivalent, it is this falafel. Hummus is a staple in a falafel…you would think. I’ve had more falafels than I’d like to admit that did not come with hummus.  This one did and it was glorious. They’re doing it right.

While comforting and delicious, the ‘extras’ weren’t as striking as I would’ve liked. There were some shreds of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a scarce amount of pickle chips, but it wasn’t anything spectacularly flavorful. The tahini sauce is what really gave it the dash of flavor I was looking for, but I wouldn’t have minded some more pickle presence. That’s just me though, I like my food bursting with flavor from all sides. This was more of a comfort food for me, but it was still finger lickin’ good.


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