Bushwick Pita Palace

As a burrito connoisseur, people often ask me what my favorite burrito around Boston is. It is better than the “Qdoba vs. Chipotle” question, which I respond to with a blank stare and follow up with a positive aspect and critique about both. Asking this question implies that you are confined to the boundaries of Boston University. Five minutes east is Boca Grande, ten minutes, Boloco or El Pelon, and ten minutes west, Habanero’s. Cross the river on either side and bam, Felipe’s on the west, Anna’s, followed by Beantown Taqueria, east. I could go on burrito mapping, but that’s not what I’m here for. Anyway.

I draw a blank when I am asked to select my favorite burrito in Boston, which is where I’ve had most of my burritos. The burrito that has my heart is four hours south of my current home in everybody’s favorite hipster haven, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York.

On a visit home, a friend and I went out to Williamsburg for an afternoon. After sunbathing in McCarren park, we were ready for lunch. She wanted a falafel, I wanted a burrito. We had this crazy idea of googling a place that might have both. Magic beans planted in our smart phones brought us to Bushwick Pita Palace, a modest Mediterranean eatery. I scanned the burrito menu and came across the ultimate jackpot: falafel burrito.

falafel burritoIt’s something we can both enjoy. Falafel, tahini sauce, wrapped up with rice, beans, hot sauce, and presented in a burrito form. The real magic happened after the first bite. We simultaneously fell in love. Not only did I bite into the best damn falafel I’d ever tasted (and I’ve been to Israel), it was in burrito form! The falafel is flawless. Perfectly smooth, creamy, and chunky at the same time. Incredibly cohesive, yet not a morsel of flavor is lost, only words to describe it. Further description would not serve it justice. As if this heavenly concoction wasn’t perfect enough, there’s tahini sauce! And the way it sinks into the rice and surrounding ingredients will make your tastebuds tremble. The hot sauce that reached the tahini sauce mixed into this impressive, Mediterranean chipotle-like twist. It is smooth, flavorful, and tastes authentically Mediterranean, and totally blows Garlic n’ Lemons’ sauce out of the water.

Speaking of Garlic n’ Lemons, let’s talk about the shawafel I got the chef to make me on my second trip to wonder burrito Bushwick Pita Palace. I knew that the falafel burrito had my heart, but I couldn’t help but wonder about the shawarma burrito on the menu. The chef recognized my internal struggle, so he offered my friend and I the shawafel burrito option. I’m not quick to proclaim my love for people, but it almost slipped out.

The falafel burrito half won me over for the second time. The shawarma half was great, but my true love is the falafel. The shaved beef is top notch. Juicy, hearty, and filling, it is complemented with yogurt sauce that gives it a kick and caramelized onions that add additional flavor. Tomato and cucumber salad danced around beef carvings in a fresh, neutralizing way, also graced with yogurt sauce for flavor.

Towards the falafel half, cucumbers faded out and tomatoes flourished. In this particular combination, fresh tomatoes worked better than salsa. Pinto beans were in both halves, as well as rice. The beans were distinct from the rest of the tasteful madness as the most regular aspect of the burrito. They were the ultimate neutralizer, which can be appreciated in this sort of flavor blasted concoction. The rice had a unique, filling texture. It was smoothly clumped together, and while also serving as a neutralizer, it had a faint flavored taste.

Finally, the hot sauce options. They have my absolute favorite hot sauce. This is sounding redundant, as it appears that Bushwick Pita Palace has my favorite everything, but I kid you not – it is heavenly. Red habanero is my go to, but they have green and chipotle, among others! Try them, your tastebuds will either love or hate it.

Ultimately, Bushwick Pita Palace is perfect and it should come to Boston. They nailed the falafel and the burrito. If you are in a burrito/falafel mood around Williamsburg, you have to see for yourself. Satisfaction guaranteed.


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