Monte Cristo

I’m in a monogamous relationship with my bed and it’s serious. Saturday and Sunday are kind of our days, we watch netflix and surf social networks together all day. Foodler has become a weekly tradition, and this weekend, I decided to try out Monte Cristo for the second time. I don’t even know where Monte Cristo is in real life. For all I know, a delivery dude could could gallop out of the clouds on his unicorn with my burrito. That’s fine though, as long as it arrives at my door. I forgot about the 1+ hour wait, but whatever: worth it.

I wasn’t completely elated about my burrito experience, even though I was very hungry, not having eaten all day. The best part about this place is the price, hands down. It’s $5 for a regular sized burrito. First time I tried it, I got the plantain burrito. There’s another plus, you gotta give em’ a thumbs up for variety and originality. They also have french fries and shrimp burritos, check it out. I don’t really like plantains, so I got a chicken burrito this time. The quality was about the same, the base was just different. At least they’re consistant.

The burrito primarily consists of rice, guacamole, and whatever base you choose. I like the guac touch. Not many places emphasize their guac, it’s more of something that they throw in somewhere in the middle for an extra buck or two, so a place that globs it on in your $5 burrito is a winner. And it’s good guac, too – creamy and soft with avocado chunks.

They pack your choice of meat/vegetable well, too. The chicken, for example, was evenly distributed throughout the burrito. The diced chunks were bite sized – not too large and not small enough to fall out before you can catch them. The chicken itself was dark meat chicken, and that was alright, but I’m more of a white meat chicken kinda gal. It was good for dark meat chicken though.

The beans were pinto and occasional, nothing noteworthy there. The wall of rice blanketed the center that brought the burrito together well. The cheese was melted into the rice, reinforcing the wall and contributing sporadic bites filled with cheesy goodness.

The guac and chicken were the focus of the center and they worked together well, the guac enhancing the chicken. There was a scoop of sour cream somewhere that also added a nice salty, sour cream touch of flavor to a bite or two.

My main critique is the lack of pico de gallo and cilantro. The brief run in I had with cilantro turned the whole thing around. It complemented the guac, adding an excellent flavor blast to the whole mix. The chopped tomatoes that scraped the bottom of the burrito, too – they were warm with the proper cooked tomatoey taste. I really would have liked to taste more of both throughout my burrito.

I also tried out the enchilada and rellenitos (stuffed plantain). I think I had the wrong impression of both of those things, but that was my trying fun, new things segment of the day. And meeting the delivery minimum. The enchilada was like an open taco, which was okay, but nothing special. And I just don’t think the rellenitos were for me, I wasn’t really feeling the custard. I was under the impression that it would be filled with a black bean sauce, but they didn’t provide descriptions, so what would I know? Worth a try, I guess.

The overall experience was alright. If you’re a guac lover, you should try this place out. Not my go to burrito joint, but alright for a quick, cheap bite.

(Equal pricing and better quality burritos can be found at Felipe’s in Cambridge. If you are in the Allston/Cambridge area, it is also more local.)


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