It was love at first burrito.

When walking down Brighton Ave, with a stroke of luck (or my recommendation or a craving for mexican food), you will find this little hub of Mexican culture. If the music isn’t reassuring, look around and you will see at least one person of hispanic descent eating some delicious dish of ethnic Mexican cuisine. This isn’t some taco bell shit; you know they’re not messing around.

Surely, I have my complaints. Sometimes they run out of guacamole and try to pass it off like it’s no big deal (it is). On more occasions than one, they accidentally gave me chicken instead of the steak I ordered and by the time I got home and bit into it, it was just too late. The chicken’s not bad, it’s just not preferred. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a dark meat chicken kinda girl, or really much of a chicken burrito kinda girl. I’m all about the steak and Habanero’s steak is top notch.

The steak is chewy and well done, giving off a smokey flavor, yet remaining very tender. The rice that surrounds it is pretty standard, with a little pizzaz. The cilantro is a good touch to it. The beans are pretty standard as well. Although the rice and meat are responsible for the majority of the composition of this burrito, that’s not what really puts this up there in the realm of prized burritos. There are plenty of goodies inside all clumped together to bring you all the flavor you need.

You’ve got the cheese melted in there, in a way that you can actually taste clumps every so often. Cilantro is sprinkled throughout, not only enhancing the rice, but also the other surrounding ingredients. There are tomatoes, jalepenos, corn, sour cream, guac – the whole shebang. It all just comes together so nicely and leaves room for the smokey steak flavor and hearty, neutralizing rice. It just…works.

The tomatoes are cooked well and have an authentic off-the-grill flavor. The jalepenos have the same consistency of the tomatoes, which I want to say makes them overcooked, but the hot sauce makes up for that. The guac is creamy, the sour cream is faint, but forgivable. Also, your order comes with chips and either salsa or some other fun sauce they give you, which is always a plus.

They’ve got a whole array of hot sauce at the tables (and ranch dressing, which I still haven’t figured out the purpose of yet). They have my absolute favorite one. This hot sauce is incredible. Your tastebuds are in for a trip though, it’s like God and Satan’s love child. Brace your tastebuds, but I’m talking James Brown at the TAMI show in 1964 (below). His performance literally describes my tastebuds’ journey through the saucing and eating experience of a burrito with this hot sauce.

But actually, sprinkle some of that stuff on your burrito if you think you could handle it. Especially on a Habanero burrito: flavor for days.

Tl;dr: Try Habanero.


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