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A New Yorker trying to find edible pizza in LA. Now there’s a real struggle. A bad pizza in New York is still better than a decent pizza in LA. Don’t get me wrong, not all New York pizza is bomb. But we’ve got a name for a category of shitty pizza: dollar slices. You can’t be mad about a mediocre slice of pizza if it only cost a dollar. But I’m saying that even dollar slices taste better than so much of the LA pizza I’ve tried.

Pizza of the post here is Venice’s Abbot’s Pizza Co. This place particularly stood out to me because I read about the bagel crust. I thought, this is either going to be really bad or really good because someone is trying really hard to New York the fuck out of this pizza.

The pizza here is certainly unique. You can make your own pizza or choose from their specialty pies. The specialty pies are one of a kind. My boyfriend and I started out scrolling through the list looking for a simple pizza with meat and a veggie or two on it and I ended up having an existential crisis. They have tomato sauce and also alfredo, olive pesto, and garlic pesto sauces. Some pizza specialist combined a handful of unique toppings and sauces on each of these speciality pizzas and I was left with a headache. After a 30ish minute struggle, I called in a half Cheese Bomb, half Popeye Chicken with tomato sauce and sesame crust.

Located on Abbot Kinney Blvd, you have to navigate through crowds of the west coast hipsters you see in Urban Outfitters catalogues. It’s all beautiful sandy blondes and vintage camper vans, chic stores, galleries, eateries. If you hold a seashell up to your ear you’ll hear the beach boys. It’s the stereotypical California dream coming to life. If you think all of SoCal is like this, walk down Sunset south of the Sunset Junction and get back to me so we can have a chat about East Side vs. West Side LA hipsters.

The place itself is small. There are a few bar stools if you wanna hang around and eat at the counter along the walls. They do have slices here, which, weirdly enough, is not something you can assume all LA pizza places have. It’s 4 bucks a slice, which is pretty standard, I guess. My pie was ready when I got there, so that was convenient. It came out to about $24 after tax. I picked it up and was on my way.

We got back to the house with a fresh pie and some cold fall seasonal Sam Adams brews (because that’s a thing that’s already happening in the first week of August). I started with a Popeye’s Chicken slice. It was topped with mozzarella, spinach, mushroom, onion, and tequila lime marinated chicken. It normally comes with garlic pesto sauce, but we opted for tomato. #Basics. I was really hungry and probably could’ve blew through half a Domino’s pizza before I started hating myself, but this actually hit the spot (and I didn’t hate myself after!). The toppings came together well and I thoroughly enjoyed the slice. I also enjoyed the second slice later, so I know it wasn’t just because I ate the first one in a moment of extreme hunger.

Next up, Cheese Bomb. This came with parmesan, romano, fontina, gouda, ricotta, and mozzarella cheeses. It normally comes with alfredo sauce, but we did the tomato thing. Cheese OVERLOAD. I mean that in the best way possible, there is NO such thing as too much cheese. It might’ve been too much cheese to accurately judge the quality of the pizza dough, therefore judge the pizza as a whole, but who cares?! At this point, the dough is merely a vessel for the cheese to get to my mouth. And it did not disappoint.

The bagel crust thing sounded more exciting than it was. I think it really was an attempt to call out to people like, “Hey! Look how New York we are! Come eat our pizza because it’s so New York so it must be awesome!” It was cool. It wasn’t bad crust and the sesame topping was fun and made it taste kinda like a bagel that’s been out for a few days. It’s definitely creative and for that I give em’ props.

Overall, not the best pizza on the planet, or the best pizza in LA, but pretty good unique pizza that’s worth a try.

Where: 1407 Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice, CA 90291
Price Range: $4 slice, $16-25 pies
Parking: Street


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