Pasta Sisters

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I never order pasta. There are so many great carbs in the world (read: bread) that I just never feel inclined to choose a meal of carb strings tossed in sauce. It’s not that I don’t like Italian food, I’d love to drown in burrata, ricotta, veal/eggplant/chicken/meatball parm. I guess I’ve just never seen pasta as a sufficient meal. It’s just a carb in a sauce. But it’s a super popular go to among the Italians.

I grew up around a lot of Italians. I’m pretty sure I thought all white people were Italian until I was like 10. These people were all third or fourth generation Americans, but man did they take pride in their food. I swear, I was scared to say mozzarella, ricotta, or prosciutto until sophomore year of college. This gem of New York City that I’m talking about is, of course, Staten Island. There. I admitted it. I grew up on Staten Island.

Remember that Uber Eats promo I talked about in my Canter’s Deli post? Well that was about to expire and I had one more chance to get 20 bucks off a meal, so today was that day. I spent the morning deciding between poke and a burger. I decided on poke. I had my poke bowl set up and ready to order around lunch time. But then I scrolled and thought, “what wouldn’t I try unless it was practically free?”

I came across Pasta Sisters and checked it out on Yelp. People seemed very impressed, so I was torn between the delicious poke bowl I’d been anticipating and some Italian goodies. The prosciutto & mozzarella panini came highly recommended, as well as the bolognese tagliatelle and a chocolate ricotta pie. I was almost sold on the panini/pie combo. I’m a sucker for a good sandwich and I’m not super into sweets but I am super into cheese.

So I decided that I was for sure going for the pie. When else would I go out of my way to get a slice of pie? That sandwich was looking real good, but I was like, “c’mon, you have sandwiches all the time, live a little.” I was reading all this stuff about fresh pasta, just like in Italy, and I thought to myself, “I think today is the day I try some real pasta.” And that’s what I did. I ordered the bolognese tagliatelle. All for a total of $1.84 after tax & delivery fees.

As I’m waiting for my Uber Eats driver outside of my office, I began to have doubts. I suddenly regretted not getting the lasagna. It’s just like pasta except it’s oozing with cheese and something with so much cheese can’t be regrettable. So the guy shows up with my food and I head to the lobby to eat.

All I really learned from this is to go with my gut. It wasn’t bad pasta, pasta’s just not for me. It was, indeed, fresh. I am, of course, comparing this quality of pasta to the kind I’ve eaten from the box and also the quality of the mac in my mac & cheese. The sauce was alright. It was rich and savory and also very oily. It came with fresh focaccia bread sticks, which were perfect for dipping in all the excess oil when the pasta’s all done if you’re into that kinda thing. I think anyone who is a fan of pasta would thoroughly enjoy this dish, or any of the pasta here. People on Yelp are going bananas over this particular dish.

IMG_6988Once that was all said and done, it was time for some pie. This, too, was a disappointment, but I think many would agree with me on this one. It was extremely sweet and lacking in chocolate. Both the crust and the ricotta were very dense. I didn’t find anything special about it, half of it is still in the fridge and I’ll probably forget about it. Maybe a dessert lover would feel better about this pie, but sweets just aren’t my jam unless they’re exceptional.

As an adventurous food lover, I did my civic duty and gave pasta a shot. I might swing by for the prosciutto & mozzarella sandwich and maybe try out the tiramisu in the future. I’d say this place has high quality food for a good price. If you’re in the mood for some Italian, I’d give this place a shot.

Where: 3343 W Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019
Price Range: $10-15
  Limited parking in a small lot.


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