Hookah Place

hookah place sign-2Scrolling through FourSquare for nearby suggestions, I came across Hookah Place. It had one dollar sign and great reviews, how could this possibly go wrong? Back in high school, I used to frequent one hookah lounge on the Lower East Side and another one on Staten Island. I don’t think I’ve went out for hookah in over 4 years, but when in Rome. Well, when having a super awesome birthday weekend funday in DTLA.

So we walk over to Hookah Place from Mumford Brewing to find that it’s closed. This was becoming a pattern. But just like the tots at The Black Sheep, we weren’t giving up on this. It was around 3:20 when we got there and it opened at 4 with a $10 house hookah for happy hour deal until 5, so we didn’t want to wander far. We went a couple of blocks over to Little Easy for  a drink, and came back around 4:30.

This lounge is awesome. Another pretty typical DTLA spot with a homey vibe. It has high ceilings with exposed pipes and warm white string lights. There are colorful vintage style couches and chairs set up around wooden tables so you can hang out with your friends around the hookah. There are a couple of reclining chairs facing a TV in the back for a low key hookah movie date. And a giant projector on the wall for everyone to watch.

hookah place bar

We made happy hour and went with a grapefruit mint hookah. It took a while to set up because they just opened, but the one guy working there was super nice about it. He kept apologizing for the wait and offered us free tea. When we finally got the hookah, it was great. Loved our flavor choice. And the hookah itself was colorful and unique.

We spent 1-2 hours here and it was legit. If you’re in the mood for some hookah, I would highly recommend this place. If you’re looking for a night out drinking though, this isn’t it. There’s no alcohol, just tea and free stickers, but it’s perfect for a chill night.

Where? 120 E 5th Street Los Angeles, CA 90013
Price Range: $10-20
Parking: Haha, good luck


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