Mumford Brewing

mumford brew flight

Conveniently next door to The Escondite, we came in here ready to start some day drinking festivities. Super hip place, very open and bright with a minimalist style. Your typical DTLA spot.

Sean and I decided to get a flight to make the most of this fun day of trying new things. Somehow, we ended up with all IPAs. Surprise! We got: Make Hops Great Again, Hunky Dory, Mindclouder 2.0, and Fast Friends.

We obviously got Make Hops Great Again because of the name. I mean, come on. It was a solid IPA though. Great hops and all. I’m not very good at reviewing beer, I’m just really good at drinking it. So you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Hunky Dory was hands down the best one we tried. Sean picked this one and I am proud. Even if it was also because of the name, but it was a damn good IPA. Hoppy and sharp and goes down real smooth. Definitely getting a Hunky Dory in a souvenir pint glass when we go back (sweet deal for 10 bucks).

Mindclouder 2.0 and Fast friends were pretty similar and alright. No complaints. I hardly have complaints about IPAs unless they’re not hoppy enough. #HopHead.

We had our fun here and decided it was time to move on to hookah. Off to Hookah Place we go!

Where? 416 Boyd St Los Angeles, CA 90013
Price Range: $7-10
Parking: Haha, good luck


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