The Black Sheep

black sheep decor

The clock struck 6 and finally, it was time for tots! Sean and I tried to start our day here around 1:30, only to approach closed doors and learn that The Black Sheep opens at 6pm. So we waited.

I don’t know what it was about loaded tater tots that put this at the top of our bucket list for the day, but we were on a mission. We roll in here a little after six and quickly agree on splitting the cheese truffle tots. There was a beer float on the menu that caught my attention, but apparently they were out of ice cream. This concoction would have been a scoop of ice cream in a porter. I’m not into porters, but I feel like the ice cream would have been a game changer. Definitely coming back to try this in the future. And more tots. It’s like this black sheep is scheming to get me to chase it. It’s working.

black sheep beersThis place had the hibiscus gose I tried earlier so I asked to try it again next to the Avery IPA. I was almost gonna get it this time around but I was still torn and ended up going with the IPA. Mostly because an IPA would taste better with cheese. And it did. Sean got the Eel River Blonde because he’s into that kinda thing, and it was good too.

So the main event. The tots. Finally here, covered in cheese. They did not disappoint. Maybe if we were black sheep totshungrier, we would’ve went for the carne asada or pastrami chili cheese tots, but the cheese truffle tots were perfect in that moment. Bronze, fresh, and crispy potato bites covered in melted cheese. What more could you ask for?

I’d highly recommend this place, just don’t come before 6. I’ll be back for some burgers, tots, and a beer float.

Where? 126 E 6th St Los Angeles, CA 90013
Price Range: $7-12
Parking: Haha, good luck


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