The Escondite

escondite food

Sean and I decided to start at The Black Sheep. We fantasized about burgers and loaded tater tots on the train ride/walk over, only to walk up to closed doors. It opens at 6. The tots were definitely happening later, but for the time being, we headed over to our second choice for lunch – The Escondite.

It was early afternoon on Saturday, so the Escondite was pretty empty. The outside was fun and colorful, inside was dark and pretty aged. The seats in the booths have definitely been around for a while. The Addams Family pinball machine at the entrance has probably spent some time there too. Pretty chill vibe overall.

We started with a couple of beers. I sampled a few and landed on the Grape Ape IPA. I sampled a hibiscus gose and a lemon ginger radler. I wanted to love em, but they were just too sweet for me. I always fall back on IPAs. I tried 12 different beers this day and 9 of them were IPAs. #NoRegrets. I thought this one was grape-based and would be horrible, but the waiter recommended it and I was into it. Mildly hoppy and didn’t taste like grapes. Sean went with the Blood Orange Wit. I’ve had this one before and would highly recommend it. It’s light with a refreshing blood orange flavor.

Onto the food. I came planning to get the Godzilla – one of the maybe three sandwiches I saw all over Yelp. Sean was considering that one too, so we decided to split it and get another thing to split. Against my recommendations, he picked the Boss Hog burger.

escondite gorillaThe Godzilla had strip steak, provolone, mushrooms, and grilled onions. No regrets on this one. Yelpers made it sound more epic than it was, but it was a good sandwich. If you’ve had a good strip steak sandwich, The Godzilla is just like any other. The other two popular ones, which are actually unique, are Captain Kangaroo – a breakfast burger, and the Fat Albert, which is a burger sandwiched between donut buns. I personally wasn’t eager to try either of these because I tend to avoid breakfast foods when I can and if I’m gonna have a heart attack, I don’t want the donut burger to be the way I go. Too sweet.

escondite boss hogNext up, the Boss Hog. I had low expectations for this and they were met. I pretty much knew I wasn’t gonna like it, but I’m trying to be a better person by opening myself up to other people’s ideas and opinions, which means I have to compromise. We got the Boss Hog cooked medium rare. It was topped with cheddar, chili, sour cream, and fritos. I’m not in love with any of those things on a burger, except the cheese, of course. It’s just nothing to write home about. What I liked least about it was the lack of vegetables. Something as simple as a piece of lettuce or a tomato may have made me like this a little better. Only a little bit, though. I wouldn’t recommend it. If you want a chili cheese burger, go to Tommy’s. Better than this one for a third of the price.

We got a side salad with the Godzilla and fries with the Boss Hog. The side salad was the winner here and I think it was mostly because it had cheese cubes. I wasn’t a fan of the fries because I don’t like potato-heavy fries. I know, fries are potatoes, but I’m picky about my potatoes. I like em crispy, mashed, or whatever magic happens in a tater tot. Sean likes potatoes though and also wasn’t a huge fan of the fries. They weren’t very well seasoned, just kind of meh.

Overall, solid experience and a good start to the day. On to the next one, which happened to be right next door – Mumford Brewing!

Where? 410 Boyd St Los Angeles, CA 90013
Price Range: $13-17
Parking: Haha, good luck. Just kidding, I think they have a lot with valet.


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