Reno Room

Early on a Saturday afternoon, Sean and I were looking to kill some time on East Broadway St. in Long Beach while waiting for a table at The Attic. St. Paddy’s day being the night before, I thought all the drink specials and fun ended there, but Reno Room swooped in and proved me wrong.

With tinted windows and drink specials on the boards outside, we weren’t sure if this bar would be open so IMG_4056early but we crept up to the door and hallelujah, it was! My attention was immediately drawn to the all month long drink special menu, which advertised Guinness, Jameson shots, and Irish coffee and car bombs for a discounted price. I was just gonna get a plain ol’ Guinness, but I wondered aloud about the Irish car bomb. “You’ve never had one?!” Sean shrieked in surprise. As a 20 something who graduated from four lokos and shots to boxed wine to craft beer, I understand where his surprise is rooted. Before my craft beer days though, I was drinking on a college kids/interns non-existent budget, so I had not experienced the joys of an Irish car bomb. Until this blessed Saturday afternoon post-St. Paddy’s day.

So we got these Irish car bombs and they were the How have I never had one of these before?? It was like this refreshing, boozy iced coffee you had to chug. I would have chugged five on the spot they were so delicious, what a delight! But no, we followed these with a couple of Guinnesses and both remembered that we don’t like Guinness very much. I’m not a stout girl. We finished up our Guinnesses, closed out, and headed back across the street to have lunch at The Attic. We passed some nacho and taco plates on our way out and almost wanted to say “screw The Attic” and stay, but we came all the way to Long Beach to try the Attic’s Bloody Marys and Mac n Cheetos, so we had to follow through.


After lunch, we just couldn’t stop thinking about this chill spot and the Irish car bombs, so we went back and had another. Just as amazing as the first! This place was a total dive and everyone in there was just doing their own thing, getting drunk and merry. The vibe was great so we stuck around for a couple of beers. In a 5 drink deep lapse of judgement, I followed Sean’s lead and got a Coors Light. I am ashamed, but good times were had by all.

Where? 3400 E Broadway Long Beach, CA 90803
Price Range: $7-10
Parking: Street parking


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