Birthdae Cake

I’ve been on an ice cream kick lately. I know I really emphasized the whole “sweets aren’t my jam” thing, but good eats are good eats and there is so much great ice cream out there right now. Which brings me to my IMG_1856diabetic adventure at Birthdae Cake.

Sean and I took a trip down to Newport Beach over Memorial Day Weekend. I got a groupon on a beer fest down there so we decided to make a weekend out of it because YOLO. I have a whole roster of food in Orange County that’s been on my list, so what better time to try it out? One of the things on my list was Birthdae Cake. It was secondary to Project Poke, which is literally next door, but it made for a great lunch + dessert combo before checking into our AirBnb.

I heard Birthdae Cake was an edible cookie dough joint, but either I was wrong, or I got overwhelmed by the colorful ice cream flavors to get more details about my options. I was too busy sampling the many ice cream flavors and holding up the line, so I just went for it. So there may or may not be edible cookie dough, but unfortunately, I didn’t get to try it. What I ended up landing on was a scoop of Monster’s Inc. ice cream sandwiched between two fruity pebble rice krispies.

IMG_1858I was torn between the beautiful, purple Ubae Ube and the striking blue Monster’s Inc, but blue is my favorite color and Monster’s Inc came with brownie and cookie dough chunks in it, so I was sold. I was also between a specialty cone and these fruity diabetes pebbles but I don’t know, I was under a lot of pressure, so I just went with what felt right.

This thing was beautiful. Bursting with color and way too much sugar. Looking back on the situation, I was very excited about the whole experience at the time but I think the fruity pebble thing was just way too sweet, to the point that it overpowered the ice cream and I can’t really give you a solid description of what it tasted like. That being said, this is a sugar lover’s paradise. They also have custom drinks and, who knows, possibly edible cookie dough? I’d come back a little more prepared next time and definitely skip the diabetic sandwich, but it was fun the first time around! Except for the sugar coma.

Where?: 16051 Brookhurst St Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Price Range: $5-7
Parking: Large lot



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