Burnt Crumbs

I am a lover of cheese and a lover of carbs, in that order. I think that everything tastes better sandwiched between bread, but I also feel like pasta piled on bread is a little outrageous. Then again, I made a lasagna last week with over four pounds of cheese in it. It all evens out, I guess. This past weekend, I experienced the unholy carb bomb that is spaghetti grilled cheese from Burnt Crumbs.

As most of my food adventures start, I saw this thing on the internet. Spaghetti and IMG_1915meatball bits stuffed between two slices of bread with a delightful cheese pull. Skeptical but curious, I vowed that I would try Burnt Crumbs if I ever found myself near one of its distant locations.

We caught a ride to Burnt Crumbs and ended up on a half hour long journey trying to find it within an outdoor shopping plaza along the PCH. My GPS kept saying we were right there, but we just couldn’t find it. I went on to ask security, check a directory, the whole nine. Until finally, we found the hidden gem in Lot 579, which was essentially a hip food court. I thought Burnt Crumbs would be a sit-down, gastropub-type place, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a fast casual spot.

I was pumped to try the spaghetti grilled cheese, but I asked the girl behind the counter if there are any other sandwiches she’d suggest. She did not hesitate to suggest the fried IMG_1914chicken sandwich. I’ve been on a fried chicken kick lately too, so Sean and I went for both with the intention to split em’ 50/50.

The chicken sandwich consisted of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and what I believe was a honey sriracha sauce sandwiched between a fluffy, warm biscuit. If you love comfort food, it tasted as amazing as it sounds. It was the ultimate comfort sandwich.

Onto the main event, the spaghetti grilled cheese delivered as well. It started to feel excessively carb-y in the final bites, so I’m glad we changed the plan to incorporate both sandwiches last minute. The cheese and side of warm marinara dipping sauce brought the sandwich together, but “the more the merrier” does not always apply to carbs. It was a pretty good sandwich, but anyone thinking of putting pasta on bread should take a page out of Pig Pen Delicacy’s book and replace the bread with deep fried pasta. Pig Pen’s Mac Daddy mac n cheeseburger is a thing out of your wildest dreams.

Where?: 21058 Pacific Coast Hwy Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Price Range: $9-13
Parking: Mall Lot


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