Project Poke

You’ve probably seen videos of sushi donuts and spam fries on Facebook. Or maybe you haven’t and my Facebook feed is disproportionately flooded with videos of food. Maybe both! I saw these things in two separate videos and found out that they could both be found in one magical place: Project Poke!

IMG_1845So Sean and I are heading down to Orange County and I have a whole list of things to try, but I’ve been on a seafood and raw fish kick so Project Poke sounded like a pretty good options. The sushi donut and spam fries were must-trys, but since they were more snack-appropriate, the sushirrito was the main event.

Sean and I split an order of spam fries, a salmon sushi donut, and I had a deluxe sushirrito while he had a salmon and tuna one. I’m always on the hunt for a good sushirrito. The guy suggested that I go for the deluxe or salmon one and I definitely wanted tuna in the mix, so I went for the deluxe, which has tuna, avocado, seaweed salad, amongst a few other toppings. I asked for some spicy mayo in there because I’m me and I love sauce. Also, spicy mayo is the bomb.

The sushirrito was pretty good, but not the best I’ve ever had. I don’t feel like the sauces really came through, so a little on the drier side. The avocado added some creaminess to the mix, but it wasn’t life changing. I don’t know what it is about avocado that makes people consider something “deluxe”, but Sean’s img_1838.jpgsalmon and tuna was clearly superior. Avocado is a nice extra, but it doesn’t bring it for me. I will give this sushirrito credit for the seaweed salad. I love that shit and it definitely upped this sushirrito game.

Next order of business: spam fries. For the record, I do not like Spam. At least I don’t think I do The idea of it upsets me, it’s meat in a can. I may have tried it once and it img_1840-e1496266179776.jpgtasted exactly like that – meat in a can. Maybe I should have cooked it or something, but it’s just not something that calls to me. These fries, however, were great. I guess if you cut meat in a can up into small strips and deep fry them, the results are pretty great. I was pretty disappointed that they didn’t put spicy mayo on top of the fries like they did in the video, but it was still pretty good. It came with a sweet pineapple dipping sauce that had a mild kick. Pretty solid combo, overall.

IMG_1841Last but not least, the sushi donut. I decided to go with a salmon donut with spicy tuna filling. “Where does the spicy tuna go?” I asked curiously. Inside. The. Donut. I don’t know what magical machine they have back there, but behold – a perfectly sculpted donut ring stuffed with spicy tuna and topped with salmon strips, radishes, masago, and cucumbers. Amazing.

If you’re a sushi lover with a curiosity for spam fries and ever find yourself near Fountain Valley, I recommend checking this place out.

Where?: 16051 Brookhurst St Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Price Range: $10-15
Parking: Large lot


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