I’m back, bitches. For real this time. Except it’s not just gonna be burritos now. Oh, hell no. I’m about to tell y’all about everything LA has to offer (spoiler alert: there’s a lot).

I’ve been living in this corner of hell since 2013. I came here to try my luck in TV production and now I’m just drowning in a river of tears I cried and waiting for my big break. Just kidding, I’m still trying. While I’m stuck in this 5th circle of hell, I’ve developed a hobby. My love for food, beer, and spreadsheets blossomed into something beautiful. I’ve created this next level google sheet with hundreds of places to eat and drink at in and around LA! It’s a work in progress and there’s been a lot of progress. Maybe one day, I’ll put the whole thing on the internet, but for now, I’m just gonna write about some things I’ve tried. If you’d like to be shared on it though, send me your gmail and I’ll share it with you via google drive.

Contact: gabbykash@gmail.com



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